Can a Locksmith Make a Key Fob? Car Lockout and Car Fob Replacement Explained

Locksmith Making Key Fob

Car lockouts can be a frustrating and inconvenient experience. It’s common for people to find themselves locked out of their vehicles with no spare key in sight.  In such situations, one might wonder if a locksmith can make a key fob to resolve the issue. This blog will explore the possibility of locksmiths making key fobs and the process of car fob replacement.

Understanding Car Lockouts

Car lockouts are scenarios where you find yourself locked out of your vehicle for various reasons, like a lost or stolen key, a broken key, or a malfunctioning car fob. They often occur at the most inconvenient times, leaving you stranded. In such cases, a locksmith can be your lifesaver.

Can a Locksmith Make a Key Fob?

Certainly, a key fob can indeed be crafted by a locksmith. However, there are certain essential factors to consider;

Type of Key Fob: The ability of a locksmith to make a key fob largely depends on the type of key fob your car uses. There are two main types: traditional key fobs and remote key fobs.

Traditional Key Fobs: Locksmiths can typically create standard key fobs for your car. These are simpler to replicate and program.

Remote Key Fobs: Modern cars often come with remote key fobs that require more advanced technology to duplicate. Not all locksmiths have the equipment and expertise to create remote key fobs.

The Expertise of the Locksmith

Not all locksmiths are proficient in key fob creation. Choosing a qualified and experienced locksmith specializing in automotive services is essential. They will have the tools and knowledge to make key fobs for various car models.

Car Model Compatibility

The locksmith’s ability to create a key fob may also depend on your car’s make and model. Some vehicles have highly specialized key fob systems that might require dealership assistance for replication.

The Process of Car Fob Replacement

If you find yourself in a car lockout situation and require a car fob replacement, here’s a brief overview of the process;

Contact a Professional Locksmith

The first step is contacting a professional locksmith specializing in automotive key fob replacement. Explain your situation and provide details about your car’s make and model.

Verification and Documentation

The locksmith will typically ask for proof of ownership to ensure they are not assisting with a car theft. Be prepared to provide your identification and proof of vehicle ownership.

Fob Replication

If your car’s key fob is replicable, the locksmith will create a duplicate one using their specialized equipment.


Programming is a crucial step. The locksmith must program the new key fob to work with your car’s security system. This step is often complex and requires specific knowledge and tools.


After programming the new key fob, the locksmith will conduct a thorough test to ensure its flawless functionality, guaranteeing seamless access to your vehicle.

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Why Hire a Locksmith to Make a Key Fob?

Hiring a locksmith to make a key fob is wise for several reasons. First, locksmiths are highly trained professionals with extensive keys and security systems knowledge. Locksmiths possess the expertise to program and calibrate key fobs to work seamlessly with your car or building’s security technology, ensuring the key functions reliably and securely.

Their familiarity with the intricacies of different key fob models allows them to offer efficient and accurate solutions, making the entire process hassle-free and reducing the risk of potential issues.

Hiring a locksmith to make a key fob can save you time and money in the long run. While some may consider DIY options or turning to dealerships, these choices often come with added costs and complexities. Locksmiths can often provide quicker service and a more cost-effective solution than car dealerships. 


In a car lockout situation, a professional locksmith can make a key fob for your vehicle, depending on the type of fob, the locksmith’s expertise, and your car’s make and model. 

When faced with a car lockout, choosing a qualified locksmith who can promptly and efficiently provide car fob replacement services is essential. Don’t let a car lockout ruin your day – contact a trusted locksmith to get back on the road in no time. 

If you need assistance with car lockouts or car fob replacement, contact our experienced locksmiths today. Experience the convenience of key fob services! Let us help you regain access effortlessly. Contact The Atlanta Locksmith at 470-416-7020 for quick solutions.

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