What to Do When Your Key Breaks in the Lock

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You’re standing in front of your front door, all tired from work and all-day events. And if you are in Atlanta, there is a possibility that it’s raining too. Now you just want to get into your home quickly! You’re frantically turning the key in the lock, when this happens: the key breaks off. Finding a locksmith Atlanta is not too easy either. What a nightmare! 

No worries though, you might not be able to get in through the front door, but you can get into your house through the garage (or a back door or window). Once you’re inside, take a deep breath, then read these tips and follow these simple instructions for broken key removal from lock. You can do it! 

Ways to Remove Broken Key From Lock

Use Simple Household Tools

We’ll give you a few tips on removing the broken key from the lock and closing the door again so you can sleep soundly at night. All you need are a few tools that are available in every household. A few simple methods exist to remove the broken key from the lock.

Have the following items ready:

  • Slotted screwdriver
  • Plastic Card
  • Thin wire
  • Narrow saw blade

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What To Do When The Key Breaks In The Door?

To unlock the door, you must remove the broken key bit from the lock. Often, all you need is a small screwdriver and a little patience.

Method 1: Screwdriver

To get the broken key out of the lock, the lock must be in its original upright position. If the lock is twisted, you can turn it into position by holding the broken edges of the two key parts together.

Then you try to pry out the broken bit with the screwdriver. Always use the tool from below. It won’t work the first time, but eventually, you’ll find a starting point at the breakpoint to maneuver the key bit a little way out of the lock. Then you can pull it out of the lock with flat-nose pliers or with your fingers.

Method 2: Saw Blade

If the screwdriver simply won’t get a grip, you can use a fine saw blade. The saw teeth act as barbs.

This method works in a similar way to the first: first turn the lock to its original position and then place the saw blade from below with the teeth pointing upwards. At some point, the fine teeth will find enough grip at the breakpoint that the beard comes out of the lock a little and you can pull it out.

Method 3: Chip Card

Key stuck in the door from the inside? Movie heroes have no problem with that as long as they have a plastic card with them. It sounds easy on TV; it usually looks easy, but in reality, it requires a little skill and sensitivity. With a little practice, you can do it by inserting the card between the door and the door frame and moving it up and down. At the same time, try to push the locking cylinder inwards and open the door by doing these things. You can try this with thin wire too.

Method 4: Crowbar

You might have a crowbar in the basement or you can get it another way. The key is stuck in the lock from the inside and you still insist on not hiring a locksmith Atlanta? Then just use this or another tool to open the door.

Place the crowbar at the height of the door handle. Alternatively, a gap between the door and the door frame that is head or knee-high is also suitable. Now, only open the door with force. However, be aware that the crowbar can also cause serious damage to the door structure. As a tenant, you agree to use the rental property with caution.

Method 5: Locksmith – Easiest Way Out

The key is stuck in the door from the inside and nothing helps? Get professional help. Call a locksmith!

But if it is an emergency, for example, because there is food on the stove, the bath water is running or there are children in the house, there is often only one option: to call a locksmith. On the one hand, the thought of calling a locksmith Atlanta is often annoying because you have not expected the costs or you have repeatedly heard stories about failed locksmiths. But if you call a professional locksmith, like Atlanta locksmith, you don’t have to worry. 

But how would you know which locksmith company to choose? Get help quick tips here on how to choose the right locksmith. 

Call us For Quick Locksmith Services

We hope these tips have saved you time by helping you successfully fix a problem around your home. 

However, if you are unable to open on your own, it’s time to call the locksmith. Contact Atlanta Locksmith and get the easy way out for all your problems like jammed doors, stuck keys, door repair, rekeying, etc. 

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