Do Locksmith Replace Door Knobs?

Locksmith Replace Door Knobs

Door knob is one of the most common things found in any household or any commercial property.

It’s a simple mechanism that is widely used by people to open/close doors.

But just like anything else, door knobs tend to get broken especially when you make use of them too frequently. In this article, we are going to talk about whether your locksmith can replace door knobs or not.

We will also learn about the common problems that lead to a door knob replacement.

So without further ado, let’s delve into the details.

Can a Locksmith Replace a Door Knob? 

The simple answer is YES.

If a door knob is broken, then there are a few residential locksmiths who are certified to replace or repair a door knob. All you ever have to do is find them by googling them online or simply checking out local directories.

They usually have a variety of door knob options for you to select.

Also, they carry the necessary tools & have the professional expertise required to replace a door knob.

What are the Common Door Knob Problems Which You May Face? 

Door Knob Jammed

Is your doorknob stuck and won’t budge? It’s a common issue, but don’t take it lightly, especially if it’s on your front or back door. Your home’s security might just be at stake.

Often, it’s because of a build-up of dust and grime inside your doorknob, gumming up the works. But even if you’ve given it a good cleaning, rust might be the troublemaker.

Luckily, a little lubricant can work wonders. Don’t wait—fix that rusty knob pronto to keep your door secure! And if you can’t do it on your own, your local locksmith can help you.

Jammed Up Key in Door Knob

Just like those troubling drawer knobs, a crusty or beaten-up doorknob can play a nasty trick on your key, leaving it trapped in a door jam. And guess what? This key conundrum doesn’t discriminate; it can lock anyone out of their own turf!

But hey, no need to go into full-on panic mode just yet! You’ve got a bag of tricks up your sleeve to liberate that rebellious key. You can give it a bit of a nudge while you’re twisting it, consider some trusty WD-40 to slick things up and jiggle it loose, or if all else fails, grab those handy-dandy pliers and coax it out with care.

Now, if none of these DIY heroics rescue your key from its sticky situation, it might be time to summon the cavalry – a locksmith in Atlanta, who can come in to save the day.

They’ve got the know-how to tackle even the most stubborn of stuck keys!

A Loose Door Knob

A typical headache for homeowners is dealing with a wobbly door knob or a handle that just won’t sit still. You might wonder, “Why’s it acting up?” Well, blame it on a tired spindle, those sneaky screws that have gone rogue, or maybe even a less-than-stellar handle installation job.

But hold your DIY toolkit, because the good news is that this issue often plays nice and can be tamed with some simple tightening maneuvers. While we believe you’re not the expert, it’s best to call in someone who is trained, skilled & has years of experience in doing it profoundly.

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Who To Reach Out When You’re Dealing with a Door Knob Problem? 

Are you dealing with a door knob problem? Then don’t hesitate to call in the professionals. At Atlanta Locksmith, we can help you repair or replace your door knob no matter the condition of your door knob. It will give you absolute peace of mind so you can stay firmly in place and get the best certified locksmith service in town. Just dial 470-416-7020 and let our certified locksmith provide quick replacement.

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